Sand Rails are one of the most exciting sport on the planet! Flying over the sand with a bunch of power behind you gives thrills and an experience that will please even the most hardened rider as you race up a sand dune face. These lightweight screemers are specifically built for traveling across sandy terrain.

Rails come in all sizes and shapes, each as individual as the owner. Some sand rails are also set up to run on the highway. Most are built with long-travel suspension, heavy tubing, larger tires and bigger engines. Often motorcycle engine powered which makes them really fly! Sandrails have a low center of gravity which permits them to turn even on the face of a sand dune.

Sand Rails have been around for many years and provide total family fun. Sand rails don't come cheep and driving anything in the sand dunes is very punishing on the machine. Parts break and some repairs are expensive. But it is where the real fun begins!

For a lifetime of fun you need to experience a sand rail. Nothing compares to the feeling of major horsepower pushing you up the sand dune and into the air.

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