Going to a lawn mower race is like going to a family reunion. Lawnmower racing is sweeping the country in a grass-roots movement that brings all the excitement of open wheel racing to a dirt-in-your-face, spine-jarring new level. Lawn mowers are being raced all across the country, from Maine to California.

What happens when you turn a household chore into the wildest mowtorsport to hit the nation in years? Grab your helmet, bore out your cylinders and get ready for the ultimate MOWdown! Oh, by the way, the mower blades have been removed for safety.

As for the mower you intend to race, you will need to change your belts and pulleys to achieve a different final drive ratio. It is trail and error as to which pulleys will work best because every mower is different and there are a lot of variables -- such as weight of the mower, the driver, etc.

The best mower to use are the free ones. They keep more money in the pocket to work with. But if you ask 15 different racers you'll get 15 different answers as to what is the best mower. It's basically what works for you. There are racing classes from stock to modified, beginner to expert.

The speeds vary by class. Stock classes may only go about 6 to 8 miles per hour. The Prepared (modified) has been known to go as fast as 85 mph, however on the track they only do 35 to 40 mph.

Lawnmower racing is a very structured sport with a national organization of its own with well over 700 members. They do not race for purse money. They race for FUN, trophies, points, and bragging rights and sometimes for lawn ornaments! If any money is made available to racers, it is shared equally among every racer for gas money and to help with their expenses.

Not a racer? Cruise the pits, or pull up a chair and enjoy a cool drink while you watch the action on the track. I'll bet that it will not be long until your looking for your own lawnmover to race.

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