Tractor pulling is a competition using tractors to pull a heavy sled along a 'track' and is very popular in rural areas. Usually the sled offers progressively greater resistance as it is pulled. Competitions are usually held at the county and state fair grounds, often in conjunction with the county or state fair.

A weight transfer sled is used. This is operates by having several thousand pounds of weight in a box that moves forward on a rail, putting more weight on the pan as the sled is pulled down the track. This weight can be moved faster or slower depending on the class of tractor being pulled. Safety is one of our top priorities.

If you have ever been to a tractor pull or seen one on TV, then you know that today's competition tractors don't have much resemblance to a normal farm tractor. They are gigantic mutant tractors of super-charged engines and even gas turbine engines with thousands of available horsepower

It is a great spectacle. The tractors produces a great deal of noise and smoke and throws dirt some dirt until they stop. A tractor pull does not actually travel very far down the track. Many are built in the owners garages, some are professionally built. More than one farmer builds these fun machines in the middle of the winter when the snow is flying and there is not much else to do out of spare parts that are laying around.

Well organized pulling contests occur all over the USA. Go see one!

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