Dune buggys are fun for the whole family and we encourage family members from infants to grandparents to experience the thrills of a dune buggy ride. A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes or beaches that will provide the giggles and laughter you always wanted.

The design is usually a modified vehicle with a modified engine mounted on an open chassis. Some of the first dune buggies were just street car frames with the bodies removed and larger tires added for beach use.

The modifications usually attempt to increase the power to weight ratio by either lightening the vehicle or increasing engine power or both. They are also often referred to as air buggies, and those with an open frame chassis are called sandrails.

The late fifties and early sixties saw a sand car craze that paralleled the street hot rod craze.The 90's were a whole new decade for buggies as they finally received the attention from VW magazines and fans that they deserve.

Buy one, build one or rent one, but do sit back and enjoy the ride of a fun cruise!

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