Street motorcycles are intended to be used on smooth surfaces. The emphasis is on pure fun, freedom and enjoyment of recreational motorcycle riding. A motorcycle is not just a two-wheeled car, it is a fun-filled adventure. This experience can be very thrilling lead to not wanting to go to work.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation groups motorcycles into three separate classes; street, off-road, or dual-sport. Street bikes generally emphasize performance over comfort and capacity to carry passengers and luggage.

Street bikes have comparatively high performance engines resting inside a lightweight frame. The emphasis of a street bike is on speed, acceleration, deceleration, and maneuverability. Street customs are highly customised motorcycles with wild paint jobs, mostly built for show, but constructed from a sport bike frame instead of a cruiser-style frame.

Looking for a little more excitement? Check out a race track with a motorcycle “Fun day". The track is way safer than doing it on the street. No cars in your way, no loose gravel on the corners, no stoplights and everyone is going the same way.

But keep in mind that more than half of all motorcycle accidents involve riders with less than 5 months or 500 miles of experience. Do yourself a favor, get trained and licensed, wear protective gear, ride unimpaired by alcohol or other drugs, and ride within your own skill limits. It's very easy to get over confident with your riding abilities after a couple months. Don't. Motorcycles are reasonably safe to ride, but very dangerous to learn.

Every rider has their own different tastes of what is a street bike. Whatever the bike your on, as you ride you will find that the familiar seems strange and glorious. And nothing beats a summer afternoon ride.
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