Pocket Bikes and Mini Bikes are sometimes also called Rocket Bikes and are basically a miniaturized motorcycle. The bikes are small and light enough to carry under the arm, but big enough for an adult to ride. They are designed for racetracks but in the places where these pocket bikes are being sold, most of them don’t have a racetrack.

These bikes typically have all the same features as their large-scale counterparts. However, they're built on a smaller platform. The motors are similar to a lawnmower, but not identical.

For adults to ride them, they have to squat down with their legs only inches from the ground. The average size of a minibike is about 18 to 32 inches high, 36 inches long and 12 inches wide. Most weigh around 40 pounds and can travel up to 70 miles per hour, can usually support weights up to 250 pounds, so they're popular with both children and adults.

Today's kids want the coolest, fastest ride-on toys. Due to their high speed and design, the rider is advised to take extra care when riding mini bikes. Minibikes can attain speeds of over 40mph where serious injury can occur from unprotected falls, collisions, and other accidents.

Wear protective gear, including a helmet and pads for elbows and knees. Riders should be at least 12 years of age. If younger, parents need to be extremely careful and supervise their children at all times.

You should only operate your mini chopper bike during daytime hours. Consult local laws about riding regulations and legal places to ride your bike. Do not underestimate the power of a min-bike. Although they are small, some of them are capable of surprisingly high speeds. Remember, a person driving car may not be able to see you.

These bikes are not much different in legal status than a go-kart or motocross dirt bike. However, laws, especially at the local level, are constantly changing.

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