Got the winter blues? A snow bike may be just the thing for you. Riding a motorcycle on snow is a thrilling experience. They are definitely the winter’s most exciting snow vehicle.

You’ve dreamed about using your bike in the snow, you’ve imagined it, now live it! Now you don't have to watch your bike collect dust in the garage. Experience the cure for the winter dirtbike blues!

There are several different makes, models, and conversion kits to choose from. These awesome bikes are insane with the kind of stunts you can perform on them, it will let you do the same tricks as the pros.

Check out this Snow Motorbike/DirtBike Combo

The SwitchTraxx2x

Simple bolt-on installation
No cutting, drilling, or welding
No swingarm or shock removal
No need to change brake hose or caliper
On or off in 30-60 minutes, depending on dirtbike


You can ride all summer then switch over your conversion and be on trails in the winter. changes from land to snow or snow to land in 45 minutes flat.

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The most unique snowcycle in the world, the Snow Hawk offers a moto-like driving position, a single ski in the front and a narrow track (12 inches) with rounded edges. And kids of all ages will now be able to play outside on a Hawk Junior.

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Hyanide Snow Bike Mobile - Concept Bike
You may not have room in your garage (or budget) for a dirt bike and a snowmobile and a four-wheeler. But what if one vehicle could take the place of all three?

This conceptual design is capable of making sharp and fast turns with a advanced turning system that bends the entire frame of the bike to properly make turns.

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The Hyanide will be powered by a 60hp 500cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine that could product a top speed upwards of 85 mph. It currently only exists as a one-fifth scale, non-functional, model. But still fun to think about.
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