Up in the sky, look! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman! No, it is some lucky person flying a lite aircraft! Lite aircraft aviation has grown to become a safe and affordable recreational aviation activity.

Nothing gives such a sense of mastery over time, space and life itself, as flying a lite aircraft. It is in the air surfing the sky that one feels the glory of being a man that has conquered the elements. There is an exquisite smoothness of motion and the joy of gliding through space. It is wonderful!

Paragliders are soft wing structures that once inflated have an elliptical shape. Powered Paragliding adds a backpack paramotor unit with a propeller to give you thrust, allowing you to launch, climb, fly level or glide down through the air on a paraglider at your own will.

Powered Hang Gliders differ in the wing shape and design. Hang gliders are solid wing structures, utilizing an aluminum frame to create a V-shaped wing that resembles the stealth bomber.
Ultralights grew out of the sport of hang gliding in the 1970’s, when people started to put small engines on foot launched hang gliders. The vehicles developed, became faster, more maneuverable, and landing gear were added.
U.S. Ultralight Association
Hang Gliding Maui
Experimental Aircraft Association
American Powered Parachute Association
North American Powered Parachute Federation

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