A new exciting, fun to drive breed of vehicles has evolved with the introduction of full terrain vehicles. Aesthetically designed, easily serviceable with unique suspension systems providing superior handling and stability in uneven terrain, even at the high speeds around 60 mph. A quiet comfortable enclosed cab and driver-friendly operation and ease of steering with a steering wheel make this a thrill you should experience.

These vehicles have exceptional maneuverability with superior traction for all terrains, in all conditions: soft mud, deep snow and sand. They are an easy vehicle to operate both off- and on-highway making them ideal for developing countries that do not have modern road infrastructure.

Stable and safe with a low center of gravity, balanced weight distribution, and environmentally sensitive, this vehicle's light weight yields light track pressure thus reducing erosion. The rubber tracks do not damage paved highways adding year-round use capabilites. There are many applications for off-road use including agriculture, utilities, security, forestry, rescue, and construction, among others.

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